Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yale Art Market-First Saturday in the Heights

I sat up last night thinking "what are some places that I really feel are not being put out there enough for all us Houstonians". A few different ideas came to mind, and then one REALLY stood out. Duh. The Heights "First Saturday Art Market". How could I not post about this? My friend, Mitch Cohen, is the one who started this awesome festivity and he still runs it to this day. Not familiar with "First Saturday"? Well, let me enlighten you.

By the name I would think it is obvious that the focus is on art. However, there is so much more. Food, music, performances, crafts, plants-you name it, the Art Market has it. It is a step up from a traditional farmer's market and the artwork is top notch. This is your opportunity to purchase individual artwork from artists before they have their 15 minutes. What a deal!! In addition, some of the artists that are featured are well known around the city and have a reach across the United States. So, you could be missing out on an opportunity to buy a wonderful piece of work that in all likelihood might be worth much more in the future.

The food that is showcased is always amazing, the crowd is fun, laid back and social and the musicians are always entertaining. There is something for everyone. I've bought olive oil, canned goods, art, jewelry, lunch, an odd piece of furniture and flowers from the Art Market in my past. It's a virtual cornucopia of excitement!! If you see Mitch, tell him I said "Hi"!! He is the best!!

Here are some pics of all the fun:

The First Saturday Arts Market is the 1st Saturday of every month all year round and open from 11am-6pm. Located at 548 W. 19th Street in the Heights, you can also have easy access to some of the Heights most popular restaurants and shops. You are just steps away from Bliss, Eclectic Home, Shade (restaurant) and many others.

Here is a link to the Market's site: http://www.yalestreetmarket.com/Main/HomePage

You can always contact me if you are interested in being a vendor and I'll put you in touch with Mitch. Hope to see you there this coming Saturday!!

***Pic and link courtesy of First Saturday Arts Market***


  1. Wow this is so cool - I'll have to check it out. You know so much about the city this blog is a GREAT idea :)

  2. Very cool and being free is a big plus these days. Thanks Danelle!


  3. Thanks to the both of you! Johnny-Very True, being free is a bonus!!

  4. my family loves Saturday market or local festival.. combination live music & beautiful art are the best.