Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Idea. Thanks, Weekends At BARC!

I thought today would be a great day to discuss a good idea. Sounds like a great idea, doesn't it?

I'd like to discuss animals. How many of you love dogs and cats and want them or already have them in your life? I know I do (to both). One of the best things you can do for both yourself and this city is adopt a dog, cat, whatever animal you choose from a shelter. In addition, an overcrowded shelter where animals are under terrible duress and could use a loving home would be a much better idea.

Ever heard of BARC? It is the City of Houston's Bureau of Animal Regulation Control. And, it's horrible, for lack of a better term. The conditions the animals are living in I wouldn't even wish on my most hated enemy. The intake at this facility is so overwhelming with little adoption (output). Partly because until my two good friends, James Oxford and Lance Marshall got involved, the sanitation was poor, the animals were dirty, unfed, couped up and not looking like the most desirable creatures. Especially for someone looking for a new family pet.

Weekends at BARC, which was started by James Oxford and Lance Marshall is a volunteer group that has come together to work with BARC. Not shut it down, discourage current employees or go on a BARC-bashing frenzy. What they have done is eased themselves into the system and used encouragement, volunteers and love to help slowly make change at this facility. If you have ever visited BARC in the past and swore you would never go back, try it again. I think you'll see a huge difference. Weekends at BARC is also a great idea for a way to give back to all those little loved ones who don't have a home, but still need love. I'll never forget when my friend Lance said "Sometimes when I get there to walk these animals, I feel like I can see it in their eyes that they have been waiting and hoping I would come. They have nothing else to look forward to.". That still makes me cry. So, if you were ever put off by the red-tape involved with an adoption at BARC or the facility itself, please go by there and have another look. And, if you are so inclined, give another animal a shot at life. They deserve some happiness, too.

Volunteer opportunities are also available and you can contact me at anytime and I will put you in touch with James.

Weekends at BARC facebook page and website

Some of the adorable and adoptable animals:

***Images courtesy of HAPI***

Speaking of adopting incredibly sweet animals, I feel I simply must show you what you are missing. A friend of mine has a dog that she adopted from a shelter (saved, in other words) and I AM IN LOVE with this dog. His name is Cole and he is the sweetest, happiest, most loving, big teddy bear I have ever seen in my life. They have a two year old little girl and he treats her so gently. He is also so sweet to the two cats (which they also saved!). Once I saw him walk up to Bill, the cat, and just give him a few sweet little kisses (licks). So darned adorable. I dream about owning a dog like this. He is perfection:

***Images taken from my cell phone, so quality is poor***


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful post! I hope the BARC babies get a lot of visitors. Also, James and Lance sound like amazing people.

  2. This post was really touching! It sounds like an amazing thing that James, Lance and all the volunteers are doing. Animals are so precious!

    Thank you again for this post. Love all your posts, and of course I love you!!

  3. Lance is right. Animals have feelings and need love and attention and I'm sure they remember his kindness to them. My dogs have let me know they loved me unconditionally. My cats have "told" me I must love them unconditionally. In return, they "take care" of me. What special little creatures animals are, and how sad that they don't all have good homes.


  4. You guys are so sweet. Mom, that made me teary eyed. I love you. :)

    James and Lance are by far two of the kindest, warmest and giving people you could meet. Those animals are very lucky to have them in their lives.