Monday, April 27, 2009

I "Nidda" some Thai food.....

***Logo courtesy of Nidda Thai website***

So, I love Thai food. I love everything about it. I love saying the word "Thai", I love the sauces, I love the noodles, vegetables and the way the smell permeates throughout an entire house when you bring it home.  Even more, I love Thai food that is inexpensive and from a little hole in the wall restaurant that not many people know about so I can go whenever I want without having to deal with a huge crowd.

Nidda Thai on Westheimer is just the place for me. Introduced to me by my beautiful friend, Angela (seriously-she is sick gorgeous), Nidda has become my newest love and obsession. I think about it all the time, dream about it, heck I'm about to write a love letter to Nidda. I guess you could consider this post my love letter to my newest crush.

When I sat down to eat at this joyous location, I instantly knew that we had a connection. The smell, the clean tablecloth, the clean plate, the clean forks. I was so psyched. Then, came the spring rolls. Holy Heaven have mercy these were delicious. Wrapped to perfection in rice paper and complimented with a sublime peanut sauce, I almost cried. It was so dang good. I chased my spring roll down with a Nidda Veggie plate. Now, this is one of the milder dishes. Even so, the flavor was amazing, the vegetables were cooked until just on the cusp of crispy and the sauce flowed lovingly down my steamed rice and enveloped my plate in a Thai-herb ecstasy. Wow. Wow. Wow!!!

Not for the Gastro-intestinally challenged, Nidda Thai is know for their ability to make your dish Thai spicy. I was freezing when I first sat down and later understood why their air conditioner had been set to sub-zero. After a couple of bites, you will be sitting in a pool of your own nasty Thai sweat, so I recommend asking them to take it down a notch if you aren't a spicy person. The dessert was fab (mango-rice pudding) and they had a lovely wine list along with beer selection.

Don't let the location (next door to Erotic Cabaret) keep you from coming here. You will be missing out on one of the most authentic and delicious Thai meals of your life if you let a little "naughty store" next door keep you away.

Lookie, Lookie:

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Don't hesitate!! Go there today and get your sweat on!!!

Nidda Thai Cuisine
1226 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 522-8895

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  1. You and me. This weekend. Nidda Thai for lunch and Bliss Spa for mani/pedi. Let's make it happen girlfriend!!!

    (Trev said "my nana"!!!)