Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'd like the most obscure plant you can get me, please.

Have you ever been driving around a neighborhood and just been completely blown away by the landscaping? Or, gone over to your friend's house and seen some of the most gorgeous flowers, plants, trees or shrubs and then run over to Home Depot or the Houston Garden Center to get it only to find 10 aisles of azaleas? Well, this has happened to me. Plenty of times. Probably because I don't put much thought into how much a beautiful garden, plant or flower could actually brighten up my life.

Now, we have plenty of fantastic places here in Houston to go and buy some gorgeous greenery. Teas, Smith and Hawken, Buchanan's, but none of them even remotely compare to the service and quality of Thompson and Hanson.

Located on W. Alabama, this landscape architecture firm, nursery, retail interior decor shop, and cafe is one of my favorite places to meander through on the weekends. If I was to completely re-do a yard, I would use these people. Costly, yes, but absolutely worth it. Their entire team of landscape architects and design professionals can customize your home to be a beautiful oasis reminiscent of the Caribbean, Asia, or the jungles in Africa. Whatever you desire, it can be done.

Most importantly, if you don't have the dough (or a husband who will shell out that kind of dough) to completely re-configure your landscaping needs, you can just go by the awesome nursery and pick up a plant or flower or anything that resembles something that would go in the ground or in a pot, vase, etc. Get my drift? What I'm saying is this place has all the typical stuff plus all the hard to find things you never even dreamed you needed. If they don't, they will get it for you.

The layout of the nursery is so serene and you want to pitch a tent right there amongst the Wisteria or the Passion Fruit. Yes, I said Passion Fruit. I know they have these because I witnessed my sister purchasing one while I freaked out about the caterpillars on it (it's supposed to have caterpillars on it, ew).

Anyway, if you feel you might end up there for the whole day (not uncommon), you can grab some coffee and treats at their cafe. Perhaps if they are kind enough, they'll let you take a quick power-nap on some of the furniture they carry in the design store. Seriously, need I say more? This place is so beautiful that they should open it up for events. Oh, wait, they do! If you go to their website and click on events, you can get a glimpse of all the exciting things they have coming up on their calendar. Shoot, I'll even provide you with a link to their site:

Thompson And Hanson

Thompson and Hanson is also notorious for being incredibly helpful. With the well trained and ridiculously kind staff on hand to help you, it isn't embarrassing when you go in and ask, "Ummm, what is a perinneal?" They totally help you if you are botanically challenged, like myself.

Here are some pics of plants, nursery and store. Followed by location and hours. Please report back to me and tell me how much you love this place!!!

Plants/Nursery Pics:

Pics from inside the design store, this is an interior designer's dream:

***All imgages courtesy of Cote De Texas Blog-awesome blog!!!***

No pics of cafe or massive nursery/warehouse, you have to go yourself!!

Thompson And Hanson business locations and information:

3600 West Alabama
Houston, Texas 77027

Everyday 9 AM - 5 PM
tel: 713.622.6973
fax: 713.622.8083

By appointment only
M-F 8 AM - 4 PM
tel: 713.622.0602
fax: 713.622.8083


  1. I would live there if I could. This is one of my favorite places in the entire city. I just absolutely LOVE this place.

  2. Dee-I thought you already lived there? ;)

    Diva's-I was actually thinking about you guys when writing this. I was hoping you would read it! I need to come see you. Thanks for the kind words!