Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An in depth look at Target stores in Houston

So, over a long standing relationship between myself and the Target chain of Super Stores, I have had the pleasure of visiting the majority of the locations in and around the area and I truly feel that I might be the expert on which Target will benefit you depending up on the urgency of your situation/needs. As we all know, Target rocks, but I bet you didn't know that some stores are stocked differently than others.

You think the Target GO! designers are the same each month at each location? Oh no, my dear. They are not. For instance, when Alexander McQueen was being featured at some locations, other locations were featuring some young designer I know nothing about. I remember seeing a Paul and Joe top that I loved and neglected to buy at the San Felipe location. I figured I would pick it up at a closer location another day. I got to the Target on Taylor St. and the featured designer is Mathew Williamson, not Paul and Joe. Which is actually totally ok because I love Matthew Williamson. However, I don't have time to shop every Target store in Houston. Seriously, I don't. But I have, so I can go ahead and tell you about them.

To begin, let's just remember that EVERY Target store is a fantastic place to take your fussy children if you need to get them out. I take my nephew to a new one each week and don't even think twice if he has a complete melt-down in the bra and panty section. Know why? Because there are about 1500 other children screaming, crying, freaking out, pooping, yelling, hitting, throwing things. Good times. Actually, I love it because I can go in gross out clothes and let my nephew wig out to his hearts desire while I peruse shoes.

If you need to get some good clothes, the Target on San Felipe and 610 is probably the best. I find they get the largest stock of clothing in and the most options. Also, they get the better designers. Probably because they cater to the River Oaks section.

If accessories are your thing, then you needs to high tail it to Katy to the Target on Fry/I-10 feder. By far the biggest selection of purses, shoes, socks, pantyhose, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves. It is fab. The clothes aren't as great as the inner loop locations, but they will do.

For a the best Starbucks while shopping, the Target on Taylor street off of I-10 is AWESOME. I think they add extra stuff to it because I always leave that place with a bit more than usual. They do have a sweet cosmetics section. And, if you know me, you know I loves me my cosmetics!

If stationary/cards are your thing as well as scrapbooks, then the Target on Eldridge at Westheimer is your location. Wow! This section of this store is stupendous. They also have a great home section. I try to stay away from this store because I run the risk of spending way too much money.

The cleanest bathroom I have ever used in my entire life has been at the Target on 249 in Tomball. Their inventory is acceptable, with the skin care area having a great showing. Lots of stuff in that little area.

And last but not least, the Target in Meyerland Plaza. This particular store is great for seasonal items. An entire end of the store is dedicated to it. I'm always buying candy for Halloween, Christmas decorations, Easter stuff, you name it-at this store.

Oh, and before I forget, the Target in Sugar Land has a sweet selection of gifts/toys for kids. Seriously, I will drive all the way to Sugar Land to make sure that I can find whatever it is that is on my niece/nephew's Christmas lists. It is invariably available at this store.

I hope this guide helped you. There won't be any pics or links or hours, this is just strictly informational. I might actually do two posts today because this one might only be for the ladies.



  1. What, Trevor wig out? The hell you say.

  2. Sorry, Dee. Tis so true. Fattycake sometimes like to get his tantrum on...But, I don't care, I love him even if he has a hissy because I won't let him wear my tennis shoes...

  3. The Super Target on Westheimer Parkway is also quite nice. Check it out the next time "Trevor" needs a trip to the store and let me know what you think.