Saturday, April 4, 2009

Go Fug Yourself blog

Sometimes when I am sitting in my house, reading my In Style, Us, People, Cosmo, Vogue and Allure magazines I get sad. Mostly it is because I'm reading these periodicals in a pair of sweatpants and a ratty old t-shirt with my hair in a bun, glasses on and zero makeup. Oh yeah, and typically eating ice cream. Looking at pictures of Jessica Alba, Blake Lively (Gossip Chick), Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and others in their beautiful dresses with flawless makeup and fab bodies does not help my self esteem. At all. But, I still do it. Why? Because I am seriously obsessed with anything and everything that has to do with Hollywood gossip and glamour.

What puts me in a great mood is the website: Go Fug Yourself. Obviously the authors of this site have also done irreparable damage to their self esteems by perusing jillions of gossip websites, magazines and watching entertainment television. I love this site. It reminds me that when a celebrity dares to confront the public world without the help of their stylist, that they look awful too. How great is it to see Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie looking all sorts of jacked up on the red carpet? Or, the always perfect Jennifer Aniston in a not so figure friendly dress? Whenever I feel gnarly and need a pick me up, this site is my first stop. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. The "fuggers" of the blog (authors) are hilarious and their descriptions of what these people were thinking is what makes this site all the more fabulous. My favorite is when they do a fake conversation between two people who are looking TOTALLY ridiculous on the red carpet.

Here is an example of their fine work:

Fugmerica's Next Fug Model

Not so much, Tyra.


If you wore those pants to one of your own judgings, you'd lecture yourself about how a model has to learn how to dress, so she can walk into the room looking both edgy and unique and like a blank slate; oozing personality but also being bland enough not to offend anyone; understanding that high-waisted cargo-breeches that make it appear you have wet yourself with fear are NEVER okay unless you're doing an ad for Depends. And then you'd make put yourself in the bottom two, because that week's photo shoot did not pertain to Things That Happen To You When You're Five, and you'd proceed to cut yourself for not having any kind of sexy disease -- unless the girl next to you doesn't have one, either, in which case you'd decide to keep yourself on the grounds that incontinence needs a new Beautiful Young Face. Then you'd have yourself on your talk show and get a People cover headlined, "Who You Callin' Urine-Soaked?!?" All of which probably sounds kind of appealing to you. But since we don't want to look at those pants ever again, we'd all prefer it if you went home and changed.

(***pic and paragraph taken from***)

Link to the website: Go Fug Yourself


  1. bah Danelle, don't make me feel like that! I'm home, yes, on a Saturday night and am checking out my fave don't discount yourself, you're on my radar of blogs to keep updated on!

    And I'm off to go check the fug yourself site now, and hope I feel better!!

  2. Hannah!! You will feel better, trust me. And, I am home, too!! I am also reading my sites. Thanks for adding me to your "radar". I really do appreciate it. Love you!

  3. WTF Tyra? Looking straight up Fergie. And is that Kimora Lee in the back wearing ho hoops and looking five months? I love this site, too - good call!

  4. God I love Go Fug Yourself...just got myself all caught up tonight in fact. It's like the internet celebrity-version of Jerry Springer. It's hard not to feel better about yourself! Love the blog, btw! <3

  5. Ahahahaah, Dee, that's hilarious, that does look like Kimora!! Purrty, you could not be more correct. It is the celeb version of Jerry!!! Thanks for the compliment. <3 back atcha!!

  6. I've been watching this blog for a couple of years now, it's soooo funny. Finally, celebs can look like a mess, THEY ARE NORMAL hahah

  7. Go fug yourself rocks my socks, and so does your blog ;)

  8. I know, Willa, they do look a hot mess and I love it!!

    A-you rock my sock more.... ;)

  9. Danelle, what are you favorites?
    I have to admit that I laugh everytime I see Audrey Obrey (sp???) and her ridiculous outfits... and what about the nude outfits some people try, a big NO NO!