Monday, April 6, 2009

Sloan Hall

Sloan Hall is a bit too pricey for me in many areas such as jewelry, the cute clothes they feature and shoes, but the over 800 greeting cards they carry are right up my alley. Also, one has been known to spot cool finds like Jonathon Adler vases at this store and beautifully leather bound books that could be displayed so elegantly in someone else's home, other than mine. With a wide range of products, it doesn't really matter what your price range is because you can always find something that will fit your budget. Soaps, perfumes, home scents, home accents, books, purses, jewelry, stationary, trinkets, Prada shoes (OMG!), Puma stuff, you name it-Sloan Hall has it. The free gift wrapping is a huge bonus. I've picked up some of the coolest little gifts there as presents for clients and did I tell you about the card selection? Oh yeah, I think I did. 800 cards! I'm a bit of a card freak.

Right at this moment I am totally lusting after the Lena Wald 14K White Gold and diamond lip necklace because I dig on bling:

(pic courtesy of

It's priced at $245, which is actually pretty good considering the quality.

Here is a little peek at the interior of the store from a pic I got off of

(Can you see the wall of cards?)

The images that I have borrowed do not do this store justice, you must go in and see it for yourself. Buy me something while you are there. Thanks.

2620 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 942-0202

Link: Sloan Hall


  1. Yes, thanks to Dee Anne, I am cool enough to know about this store, too.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. They carry Commes des Garcons incense which I would travel to the ends of the world to find. Always a groovy song in the background. A mecca of cool.

  3. Yes....By God, it IS a mecca of cool....

    Mom, do you think I don't know you are anonymous? You could just click "name/url" and write "mom". You so silly....