Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Well, since it is so nasty outside. How bout we saddle up and get ready for some links of the week? The first is for my beautiful friend, Angela, with her fantastic hand-cuff earrings. I've told her about my ghetto-fabulous nameplate earrings (ala, Carrie on Sex And The City) and I always get compliments on these babies:

Aren't those fly? Shop Intuition is so sweet. I love this place (site). Whenever I'm reading my US magazine and I see all the young ladies on the Hollywood scene strollin' out of this joint with something uber-cool, I hop onto this site asap. Let's just keep in mind when you all leave here immediately to copy my nameplates, that I'm so ultra-hip that I bought them 3 years ago and they have since been a little re-designed. But, they are still available. You can also pick up some shoes, handbags, clothing, scarves, you name it, Shop Intuition has it! You can even shop by celebrity, trend or category. How cool is that?

Now here's a little sumthin' for the fellas. Soft Surroundings has some of the best bedding and bath products a girl could ask for. Ok, so maybe this isn't exactly for the fellas. But if your man loves you and wants you to be comfortable and happy and surrounded in luxury, then this is a great place for him to start. They have some of the most feminine and pretty bedding ensembles ever; as well as soft, luxurious robes, jammies and slippers. This totally makes me want to jump into bed and NEVER get out:

***Image courtesy of Soft Surroundings website***

And did you know that they have also added more to their beauty section? They now carry the Ojon hair care line, Paula Dorf and Becca Cosmetics and MD Perricone skin care line. This is quite an upgrade from my last visit when there was no beauty section AT ALL.

Moving on. I love to shop online. I don't have to get dressed, I don't get buyer's remorse for at least a week because I have to wait for shipping and by that time I've moved on, and best of all, I don't have to go out in this God-forsaken weather.

For my incredibly hip clothing needs, I go to somewhere very, very special. is pure genius. I can get designer clothes without having to take out a home equity loan. They have designer duds for men and women so your honey has no excuse for lookin' like a hot mess when going out for a night on the town. The measurements are very accurate and should you buy something that is less than flattering (designer clothes less than flattering, pffftt!!), the return process is a breeze and they credit you immediately. You can even buy designers like Manish Arora who is not available in the states. I need these RIGHT NOW:

***Stella McCartney Shoe image courtesy of Yoox website***

***Givenchy Ankle Boot image courtesy of Yoox website***

What I really love about is all the different search options. They make it so easy to narrow down your search to your size, color and you can even filter buy dollar amount. Go there now, before I buy it out.


  1. Hey gorgeous. Muddy eye LOL. What a great post. BTW, Trevor was reading it with me and he used the mouse to point to one of the background circles and said "BLUE". So proud.

    I wish I had your nose.

  2. "I may not be the hottest babe in the world" Whatever. I think you ARE the hottest babe in the world.

  3. Dee-Trevor is such a good boy!! NOOO! More Juice, no water!! I'm so proud...

    Robert-I love you. Thank you for putting up with all my mocking. :)

  4. Aww - what a sweet Robert.