Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speaking of used pants....

So, yesterday I pondered upon the wonders of buying some used clothing while you party. Today, I decided it was time to get serious about the purchasing of other people's trash. Or, some might classify it as thrift store finds or even resale items. Whatever, it's all the same to me. Whether I find a deal on Craigslist, ebay or a garage sale, it is new to me. That is all that matters.....

That brings me to discussing one of my favorite haunts in this ENTIRE city. The Guild Shop Of St. John The Divine on Dunlavy/Welch. You haven't been there? Do you know what you are missing? I love this place. This place rocks. Now, if you are only into extreme minimalism, your home is shock white and you purchase everything from Kuhl-Linscomb cause you are high dollar, this might not be your thing. No, Dee Anne (my sister), I am not referring to you. You do have color in your home and it is quite cozy.

The Guild Shop has so much to offer. I remember the first time I stepped into the store. I was on sensory overload. Do I look at clothes? Jewelry? Plates? Knick-knacks? Furniture? Mink Coats? (wait, no someone will flour-bomb me).They have vintage LV's! That is about the time the security guard (same one, always there-super sweet) came over to check my pulse and make sure I was still breathing.

I spend a lot of time in the "last call" room. Some of the stuff in this room is junky, some of it you wonder why the person didn't just throw away. But, every so often, in that lone little room, I will find a fantastic painting, vase, lamp, or even entire dish set. For like, $1. I'm dead serious. Sometimes I will go to the other rooms that are not last call and if I like an item, but it is set to markdown a few bucks if it doesn't sell in the next week, I'll hide it and come back and buy it. I do run the risk of someone getting it. I mean let's get real, How well can you hide a piece of furniture? But, it is worth it when I lug home a big antique chest that I got for $50 instead of $250. I bet I'm going to be thrown out one day. However, I know for sure I am not the only one who hides things. I see it happen ALL THE TIME. Where do you think I got the idea? Sheesh!
Some of the stuff at The Guild Shop is overpriced. You have to remember that it is a consignment shop, not the Salvation Army. I love that I can shop for an entire set of delicate china, buy a bread-maker, a mink stole and grab a pair of sunglasses on the way out. Oh, and what about the silver section? Unbelievable! Seriously, you just have to go because no words can describe it. Buy me something while you're there. Kthanks.

Here are a few pics from inside the shop:

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Location and Hours:

The Guild Shop
(713) 528-5095
2009 Dunlavy St

Houston, TX 77006

  • Hours:
    Mon-Fri. 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Sat. 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. *Site is under construction*


  1. There's color in my house? I think you must be thinking of the green trees outside :)

    But yeah, this place is great and we've had a lot of fun there together!

  2. Yes there is color, silly!! I love your house so much (also because there is a sweet little baby boy I adore there). But, what about your cool framed prints and that piece you just purchased. That antique chest=love.....

  3. Danelle you are so awesome! You are so right about the guild! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!! - Tony S.

  4. Ahahahha!! Tony, that is hilarious. We def need to go there together....SOON. Just check in there daily, you are bound to catch me. LOL.