Friday, April 17, 2009

This is nifty...

I was driving back from Sephora and passed a place that proved to be a most genius concept. It is a wine storage facility (I know they are everywhere), but this one is special. At least it is in my opinion. Nos Caves Vin in West University, on Wroxton, is a very interesting concept, indeed. Not only is a sweet off-site storage facility for your finest of the winest, it is also a fab palace filled to the brim with pretty people and fantastic architectural design amongst which you can taste your vino.

You can also join Nos Caves Vin's exclusive wine club, Lagniappe. This is a pretty sweet deal as well. You have access to wine tasting, sommeliers, "wine trips and excursions to hard-to-access vineyards and wine properties", and you can get advice from the wine staff so you don't look like a novice when you go on a date and order a bottle. The advantages are endless! If you are something real special (Platinum), you get your monthly wine placed in your temperature controlled-locker by the staff so you don't have to come in and waste the whole 5 minutes it would take you to do it yourself.

Here is the info:
Nos Caves Vin
2501 Wroxton Rd.
Houston, TX 77005

In order to get a membership here, you have to fill out an application form and then someone will contact you regarding availability. Enjoy!

***all images courtesy of Nos Caves Vin's website***

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