Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Woman's Work in Rice Village

Found yourself in the family way? Unsure what the heck to do next? Already had your baby and have no clue what all this "latching on" or "Dr. Brown" business is about?

I think if you are pregnant or have already given birth to your lifelong mystery, then you need to high tail it on over to A Woman's Work in Rice Village. Quick like. I swear on my life after I went to this awesome place to buy a gift I could have breast fed if I wanted to. The ladies there are geniuses, especially with breast feeding. In my opinion, any woman who is breast feeding is miserable and lactation-challenged. I have yet to meet one who hasn't told me the insane obstacles involved with the football hold, latching, baby falling asleep mid feed, mom falling asleep mid-feed, it goes on and on. Not to mention, it does not look like the most luxurious activity.

The services this facility provides are incredible. Not to mention all the absolutely ridiculously adorable gifts, clothing, toys, etc. that are available for purchase. You can totally get a diaper genie thingy and a nursing bra and a new shirt (for mom and baby) all in one stop. Plus, you can weigh your baby weekly. Seriously, better than hospital services.

One time I was there to buy my usual gift (a "Got Milk?" onesie), when I heard one of the Board Certified Lactation Specialists on the phone. It was truly incredible. She was so kind, so patient and so understanding of the poor woman on the other end of the phone line. Yes, in case you didn't read that, they have Board Certified Lactation Specialists on staff. You can make an appointment to come in and have a breast pump set up for you (they will also teach you how to use it), you can buy a breast pump, rent one (ew), make an appointment for a Lactation Specialist to come to your home and assist you with breast feeding obstacles, come into the store and get custom fitted for a nursing bra and they even provide personal assistance for purchasing nursing supplies and clothing.

Workshops and support groups are just another awesome facet of this company. From child birthing workshops to CPR and First Aid classes, they have it covered. Also, based on my conversations with many new moms, I think a support group would be amazing for those who have just given birth. Especially first-time moms. How scary is it to go from no kids to screaming baby in the matter of a day? How great would it be to discuss your stresses, postpartum issues, get ideas and learn new techniques from other moms who are just like you? Heck, I might join to see if they have any thoughts on how to re-potty train FiFi (my cat).

A Woman's Work is unlike any other maternity/baby store. They not only have a faboo storefront, but if you are bedridden, which unfortunately many mom's-to-be are, you can shop online. I love online shopping! Their products and services help mom's-to-be and mom's-who-already-be, with a range of items from maternity all the way to infancy. The clothing is so adorable that I want to buy it just to come home and snuggle it. What I think is most important and so unique about this store is that they take parenting and childcare very seriously. So, you know that the products you purchase have been painstakingly researched and are only offered if they are truly a benefit to you and your child. Items aren't displayed or carried just because a rep for a big company came in and "sold" the owner on carrying a product. How wonderful to know that in one of the most scary times of your life there is a place you can go for comfort outside of your home? A place with caring and understanding women who really do want what is best for you and baby. I like that. :)

Some of the items sold at A Woman's Work:

***all images in this post courtesy of A Woman's Work website***

A Woman's Work
2401 Rice Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 524-3700

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  1. This sounds like a DREAM for new moms. What a great post. Love you!