Thursday, May 21, 2009

For the fashion savvy

Ok, so yesterday I was all ready to go with part two of my awesome hardware store series. I had planned on bringing the little nephew with me to take some pics of the place (I have a camera now you know), but he had other ideas. Such as this:


***Fixing the lawnmower***


He is a resourceful little bugger, but he isn't very helpful with his Aunt Na Na's blog. It's ok though. He can do no wrong in my eyes.

So, since Trevor decided that hamburgers and housework were much more important, I am going to be providing this week's "links of the week". It is for all those fashion savvy ladies (and gents) out there who know how to be chic, but don't want to spend a month's salary doing so. is a website that allows you to get some sweet deals on otherwise painfully expensive items. Name brands, too. I mean, we aren't talking about those online discount sites that feature your next door neighbor's clothes from sewing class. This is the real deal. For instance, had you been cool enough to be a part of this site about 37 hours ago, you could have scored this Just Cavalli bag which was originally $433 for $139:

I'm excited because starting May 26, Heidi Klum's jewelry line is coming and you know I'm DYING for something from her awesome shamrock collection. I want those earrings she wears on Project Runway:

So, go to today and sign up for an account, otherwise you don't get to shop.

***All images for are courtesy of their website***

Have you been to Can you say "Christian Dior"? "Kate Spade"?  Had we all been privy to this earlier, we could have owned these:

For about half the price. I love shoes. And handbags. And makeup. And jewelry. And online shopping. And good deals.

But seriously, you can still get your cool on and buy these if you sign up asap: has some more sample sale auctions coming up as well, so click this link and join today:

***All images courtesy of the website***


  1. Could that boy be any cuter! omg. I love it. Thanks for the great links, I love deals! I am with you on the shoes above! Love!

  2. Awwww! Thanks! He is my sweet cheek. I hope you get some good deals. You would look HAWT in so many of those things. You've got a rockin' bod, little lady!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. I feel SICK that I missed that Cavalli bag - it is so gorgeous. Isn't my little boy just the most adorable thing in the world? He's so lucky to have you!!! Those pics are adorable :) Love you!

  4. Dee-I felt the same way when I saw that bag. I even thought to myself "Dee Anne is going to freak out". And, you did! Your little boy and Dawn's little girl are my heart and soul. :)

  5. Ummm, can I borrow your darling lil man. How cute is he?!

  6. Adina-Isn't he precious? How could I ever say "no" to that face? Especially when he says "My Na-Na". OMG!!!