Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soma Sushi

Soma Sushi is my staning go-to place for sushi.

The executive chef: Philippe Gaston has put together a delicious menu and I was fortunate enough to meet him on one of my most recent trips there. He came out to greet my sister and me because it wasn't crazy busy. We discussed my food allergies and he was so accommodating. One of the nicest and most talented Chefs I have had the pleasure to meet. He made a special dessert dish for me based on my lack of ability to eat gluten. It was so good!

We had the sweetest waiter in the whole world and I think that had he been just a couple years younger, I would have adopted him. He was so attentive and kind. He and Philippe truly made the experience a 5 star for my sister and me.

Couple more things about Soma before I post a few pics: they have valet parking, get incredibly busy on the weekends (at night) so be aware you won't have service that is as quick as it would be during slower times, they are located on the corner of Washington Ave. and Shepherd, they have a WONDERFUL wine list, and they also serve dishes for those who are not inclined to eat raw fish (Robert).

Here are some pics from my trip to Soma with my sister, Dee Anne:

Dee Anne with her fab self drinking some wine:

Dee Anne and our lovely waiter, David:

Executive Chef, Philippe Gaston:

***All pics courtesy of my camera***

Click HERE and look at the menu.

Soma Sushi
7820 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 861-2726

Hours of operation:
Mon-Wed: 11:30-10
Thurs-Fri: 11:30-11
Sat: 12-11
Sun: 12-10

Sushi Bar and Patio seating hours differ, so look at the website for your options.

Have fun and I will most likely see you there....


  1. Dear Danelle, Thank you for the spot on blog. J/K! but truly thank you for the wonderful blog. I am the owner of Soma and was forwarded this by our GM, Ryan. I am very happy that you and your sister had a great time. Hearing about experiences like this from guests is what makes it worth it for us. Let your husband know, the crazy irishman roll was created by our Irish sushi chef at our sister restaurant, Azuma, hence the name. In theory, that should be his favorite roll?? Once again thanks.


  2. You are most welcome!! I love Azuma as well! You have yourself some fantastic dishes at both locations, I must say. Thanks for the response. I'll let my hubby know. Unfortunately, I think he will come up with any reason not to eat sushi!! Take care.

  3. That was a fun day!!! Mani-pedi+sushi = awesome. Soma was delicious and I hope we can go again very soon. Love you!


  4. Good call. Soma is so much more enjoyable with the absence of the once great Robert Gadsby. Chef Gaston seemed to be more attentive to my needs this time around rather than stroking his own ego. I never thought i would go back to soma but you have made me a fan once more.

  5. It is amazing how alike you two look, you are both gorgeous!

    And I think I want Soma that, hehe!

  6. P.S My verification code to post was azzle, i thought you would appreciate that ;)

  7. Danelle you and your sister look like twins!!! Great review!!!