Monday, July 13, 2009

Links of the week

So, for all of you who have more than likely fallen in love with my nephew and his beloved Weed Trimmer, let me tell you, that thing looks and sounds like the real deal. It is manufactured by Black & Decker and is specifically made for kids. It is smaller, doesn't actually do anything, and just makes weed trimmer noises. And, it comes complete with goggles. How awesome is that? Here is a link so you can buy one for your little workaholic as well:

Amazon: Black & Decker Weed Trimmer

And here is the picture of my baby holding it:

Now, I must give my sister props for this awesome picture of her awesome child. However, I give Trevor props for the coolness factor and for the addition of the Dora The Explorer sticker on his chest. He is very into his fashion statements, you know.

Moving on, I'm so in love with this next item I'm linking you to, that I might need to have one custom made. Have you ever spent so much time on your blackberry that your significant other feels a little, well, unloved? Or, do you eat out so much that you would prefer to go to your local McD's than each your mom's roast? Well, then you need a Commodity Love badge for your t-shirts. You can get these awesome badges (magnets) through Generate Design and they are the utmost in cool. These days, honesty is totally in and you can tell the world how you really feel with your badge:

***Pic courtesy of Generate Design***

Now, the above may not be true for me, but it is the only example that I could copy and paste from the Generate website.

I love blogs. Of course I do, I write one. However, I have a true love for The Red Chair Blog. It is so darned cute and helpful. Amy, the blogger on this site, is a professional decorator and organizer. Her tips are so great and she always has fab finds for great deals listed on her site. She will also posts some cool DIY ideas and the instructions for them. Read The Red Chair Blog today and as Amy says, "turn your house into a home!"

Another site I adore and read daily is Cute Overload. Have you been here? This site physically hurts me it is so adorable. I think I've actually written about this site before, but I love it so much that if it is a repeat, I don't care. So many pics of the most amazingly adorable animals with the funniest captions added to them. People from all over the world submit pics and then they are posted with funny headlines or captions. Here are some examples (headlines, stories and captions not included):

***All the following pics of animals are courtesy of***

What is this thing?

Seriously, aren't those ridiculous? I wish I had a kitty that would fly. Unfortunately, mine just yells at me.

Last but not least, I will be linking you to the house I listed on Craigslist so you can buy it from me. If you could do that, that would be great. Thanks.

Craigslist listing

Take care!


  1. Danelle! You are so fantastic! That boy... I like him so much. Better keep a good eye on him while he is out front doing his yard work. I might have to borrow him! Those shirts are way to cute. I am all over that site finding my perfect T! I also love those pic... the puppie in the starbucks cup... is too much. I love it. its my new screen saver. lol!

  2. My boy can rock a Dora sticker, that's fo sho.

    I am loving that critter that can't be identified. I feel like it's asking me a question.

    The Red Chair blog is something I haven't seen before. I'll have to check it out. Love you!

  3. OMG, Dee Anne!! I feel like it is asking a question, too. Like, "what exactly am I?"

    Sara, you and Tish will have to duke it out with me over the baby. Oh yeah, and probably the momma as well. He is very loved!!