Monday, July 27, 2009

List of great deals in Houston...Fab homes!!

Seriously, you are coming upon the turing of the tide here. We are seeing a major shift in the housing market, which means a major shift in the interest rates, at some point. Also, if you qualify for the tax rebate, YOU MUST CLOSE ON YOUR HOME BEFORE NOVEMBER 30, 2009. Contact me today so I can get you into something fab-u-lous...

Here are some sweet deals that I do not think should be avoided:

***Disclaimer: I am not the listing agent for these properties, however my company is listing them. You can contact me to represent you as a buyer's agent and I will help you purchase one of these or another property that meets your interest.***

Fabulous brownstone, inside the loop, many units available starting at $199K. Near downtown, newly constructed:

Or, if you prefer, how about a beautifully appointed 3bed/3.5bath townhome inside the loop, NEAR EVERYTHING???

Wanna live in the Heights? How 'bout living in the Heights in an actual 3 bed/2.5 bath home? Almost impossible, right? No, its not! And, you can live in this same fabulous house (completely renovated) for just $425K. Did I mention that it also has a garage apartment? HELLO income producing property!

This is just the first day of a few posts I'll be doing featuring some great deals that are out there. Please email me or call me if you need help buying or selling your home. I'd love to help you!

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