Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sushi was good and I am lame....

So, I never got back to anyone regarding the sushi delivery experience. The results are outstanding! Both the sushi  and the General Tso's chicken (all white meat!) were outstanding. I can eat sushi and serve raw fish challenged friends dinner all from the same restaurant. I've tried several dishes from my "new place" and can honestly say that I enjoy all of them.

The restaurant I am referring to is Cafe Ginger on West Gray. Located in what used to be Cafe Le Jadeite, this little asian restaurant is turning my life around. I am no longer stressed about making sure I get to Kroger in time to sift through the frozen food section trying to find dinner. I don't have to sit in long lines at drive-thru's to pick up some food. Nope, I just call up Cafe Ginger"= and say "Deliver to me, please!", and they do! Quite quickly, I might add. Also, the delivery guy is so friendly it is almost painful. I feel like tipping him 80% whenever he brings me a steaming, hot dish of love that I prepared (ok, ordered).

In addition to all this loveliness, the prices are ridiculous. They are so inexpensive. For $8.95, You can get a combo dinner consisting of a soup, crab puffs (spring rolls if you prefer), fried rice and chicken. I mean seriously, I couldn't even fathom trying to cook a three course meal.

Call or go to "Cafe Ginger" today and you will thank me.

Cafe Ginger
1952 W. Gray
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 528-4288

By the way, I am lame because I haven't posted in so long. However, in my defense, I have been trying to get my "green designation" for my Real Estate License and I had to take classes in Galveston. Next week my poor sister has surgery (cervical fusion), so I will likely post very little. Please keep her in your thoughts.

I'll be back with some great new ideas from my Green Class and some new reviews!!


  1. Danelle...I hope all is well and I will keep your sister and you in my prayers!!! Keep us posted and make sure to take care of yourself as well.

  2. Thank you Tish, she is doing much better. You are so sweet. <3 <3