Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Neartown Animal Clinic

I have a cat that most of you are probably aware of, FiFi. FiFi is the highlight of my life, the joy of my world, the reason I breathe....Ok, maybe that is going a bit too far.

How can you NOT love a face like this?

So, knowing how much I love my baby girl, you must also know that I would not allow her to be trusted in the hands of anyone other than the best. Neartown Animal Clinic is by far the best clinic I have ever taken FiFi to. I have been dedicated to them for quite some time now, after trying many other options. FiFi actually likes going to this clinic. Well, that might be exaggerating a bit. She does give me full body resistance whenever I try to put her in her carrier and she does sound like some weird gargled monster giving birth while she is in the car. But, when we arrive, after she pees a little (if a dog is around) she calms down. How sad is it that she is more comfortable in this clinic than in my own car?

The Veterinarians are so thorough in FiFi's check ups, yet the entire time they are stroking her ego and telling her that she is "by far the most gorgeous cat they have ever seen" and that "she is the best little girl they have ever had in their office", yada, yada, yada. I know they are probably lying, but both FiFi and I believe them because to be honest, they are right. She is the most awesome.

The ladies at the front desk are always so helpful and friendly. Plus, I am never getting "sold" on extra treatments or home remedies. I don't have a bunch of people trying to get me to have useless tests and procedures run on FiFi just so they can make a buck. I remember one time I called because I was worried about her urinating everywhere (turns out she is just emotional). They were so kind and understanding. Although it isn't an emergency situation, the staff and Doctors stayed after hours so that I could bring her in, to put my mind at ease. I really mean it-they are amazing and caring and genuinely want the best for all the wonderful animals that we, as owners, consider to be integral parts of our families.

Neartown animal clinic also has fantastic boarding facilities, should you need to go out of town and board your animal. You'll always see the staff outside playing with the animals that are boarded, so you know they are in good hands. I brought my old dog, Roxy, there once. She did not want to come home. It kinda hurt my feelings. :( But, it made me happy to know there was a "safe haven" for her should I need to leave for any reason.

I want to also note that the lovely people at this clinic are in the process of trying to find homes for a few pets. The situations and stories behind these poor babies are quite sad, so if you know anyone who might be willing to take on an aged dog, or a cat who has been separated from his friend, please contact the clinic.

There are 2 dogs and 2 cats that need someone to take them into their loving homes. All have been spayed/neutered, are up to date on their vaccinations and 3 come with the dietary food that is needed as well as heart worm treatment. They are of course, free to a good home. Please contact the clinic if you or someone you know can help out these little sweeties.

First is Oreo. An adorable 11 year old male Shih-Tzu. He has lost one eye due to blindness and has some vision problems in the other eye, but this little sweetie is such a doll. Oreo comes from a sweet home, but unfortunately due to elderly owners, this poor little baby needs a new place and a new person to love. Oreo does fine with other animals, he is just a bit hesitant because of his sight. Oreo has been neutered.

There is another Shih-Tzu, Tasha, female, 13years old. She is a sweet little baby doll who is coming from the same situation as Oreo. Tasha is older, yet still has a lot of love and life in her. She and Oreo both come with full vaccinations, dietary food and heart worm medication. If you know a kind, loving person who could use a dog to cheer them up, either one of these would make such a wonderful companion. Tasha has been spayed.



There are two cats that are available as well. 1 male, Noah and one female, Annabelle.

Noah has lost his best friend and companion to another owner and is lonely. :( Noah is a 7 year old domestic short hair, fully vaccinated and neutered. He is super sweet, wants to be loved and would likely do well in a home with another cat, since he has already lived with one. Both Noah and Annabelle are up for adoption for the same reasons that Oreo and Tasha are. As people get older and can no longer care for themselves, they cannot care for their pets, either.

Annabelle is a 4.5 year old Russian blue, fully vaccinated and spayed. Annabelle is gorgeous and by far one of the sweetest cats I have ever seen. Her grey coat is stunning and all she wants is a nice lap to curl up in and go to sleep. What a great first pet Annabelle would make.

Noah comes with all dietary foods and heart worm medication. Annabelle comes with 1 bag of food, as she is not on a special diet. Please call the clinic to make one of these adorable babies yours today.



I hope you know someone who can help! And, if you haven't been down to Neartown, stop in and say "Hi". They love meeting people!

Here is a link to the clinic's main website/homepage.

Neartown Animal Clinic


Monday thru Friday........7:30 am - 6:30 pm
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
We are Closed Sundays and Holidays

And, here is a link to view the facility, boarding, play area, etc.

Neartown Animal Clinic-facility tour

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