Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bath Junkie

How in the world did I go so long without knowing about this place? Actually, that statement is incorrect. I did know about this place, I just mistook it for another one of the billion typical bath product stores. So, I just ignored it. I mean, gimme some Dove soap and a bottle of Cetaphil lotion and I'm good to go.

I will admit that even though my nightly bath routine borders on lame, I have always wanted to be one of those girly girls who has a bucket of lotions, soaps, fizzies, oils, scrubs, etc. that make me reek of fruity splendor when finished showering. That being said, I'm also kind of a weirdo about packaging. I don't like products to be in funky, bright, hot pink (thought I love pink), bottles or packaged in such a way that it would take an hour for me to open, thus leaving me quite puckered and useless in my bathtub.

Bath Junkie
is perfect for people like me as well as for all those feminine chicks that like all the frills. The most awesome part is that you are not stuck choosing from a few scents that some dude in a lab in Canada thought women wanted. Oh no my friend, YOU are the scent maker! How amazingly cool is that? Bath Junkie has a huge set of different essential oils and they give you a ton of little tester sheets so you can try a bunch of combinations to personalize your odor. I mean scent. Now, if you are like me and cannot handle this daunting task, they have a menu of different scents that you can try on your tester sheets. It is like a cheat sheet. I love to cheat. Best of all, you still get to feel like you are creating your custom made scent because the ingredients for each scent on the menu are listed so you can use your little tester paper and oils just like all your more creative and talented friends.

Bath Junkie's essential oil station:

The "mixing area", tissue paper is available color selections for your product:

After you have you achieved your desired smell, you take it to the sweet lady at the front and then the real fun begins. You choose from a bevy of different formulas to add your custom scent(s) to. Creams, soaps, bath bombs, shampoos, salt scrubs, moisturizer, hand santizing soap, perfume, glitter lotion, I mean seriously, the possibilities here are endless.

Bath Junkie formula options for your scent (just a few of them, there are a TON):

Once you have your scent(s) and formula(s) picked, the nice lady up front mixes them all together in a big bowl while you watch. You get to pick what color you want your lotion, soap, etc to be and then she adds coloring as the final touch. She lets you smell it to be sure it is to your liking, and then she scoops it all up and puts it in a very chic, non-frilly bottle, jar, etc. Me lovey.

Bath Junkie "mixing station". Pics of the kind representative making my lotion:

Adding color:


If you simply must have some frill, there are some pre-made options there as well. Oh, and a HUGE selection of rubber duckies. So adorable. They also have various items that you can purchase for your bathtime ritual such as hair turbans, those soaker towels, bathrobes, slippers, scrubbers, etc. I mean it, this place is awesome.

Bath Junkie Rubber Duckies, Robes, Scrubbers, etc.:

Rubber Duckies:

Robes, towels, slippers:

Scrubbers and some pre-made items (there are a lot more than I was able to capture here):

Some of the bath bombs:

Bath Junkie also has Birthday Packages available. They will set up a table for you and your friends so you can bring food and drinks and spend the day doing girly things. That's awesome because you get to benefit from your friend turning a year older by getting some sweet deals. Call and ask about the birthday packages, they are awesome.

Here is the link to the official website with all the pertinent info:
Bath Junkie

(River Oaks) 2020 W Gray
Houston, TX 77019 713-527-7200
4872 Beechnut Street
Houston, TX 77096 713-218-8010
23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.
Suite E-140 Katy, TX 77494 281-391-2284
Sugar Land
16180 City Walk
Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-565-1641
Baybrook Square
1345 West Bay Area Blvd. Webster, TX 77598 281-554-2649


  1. Wow!! That place looks so awesome. I want to go :(

  2. Doesn't it look like fun? I would love to tell you that you are required to visit Houston (me) to see it, however, they probably have a location somewhere near you. I didn't even realize it was a national chain till I saw the website. Thanks for the comment!