Friday, November 20, 2009

Links of the week

Well, dear reader, it sure has been awhile since we've done our "Links of the Week" feature. I really like this particular part of my blog because I am a major online shopper/reader and it allows me to share some really cool sites with you guys.

With the holiday's coming up, I thought I might share some of my personal faves for gift shopping. I don't "do" holiday in-store retail. It just isn't gonna happen over here. I don't like crowds and I have a 3-inch buffer of personal space around me that if is penetrated by a stranger, I will take action. Therefore, stores + holiday crowds do not = a good match for Danelle.

One of my very favorite places to buy stocking stuffers, gifts for friends, clients and co-workers (and myself) is SPACASSO. This place is awesome. The entire line of products is soy based an AH-MAZING. You know it is difficult to get the Ah-mazing stat from me. I have purchased a gazillion candles from this line because they smell crazy good, moisturizers, lip treatments and scrubs. All their products leave you not only smelling delicious, but incredibly soft as well.

One of my all time favorite items they sell is the PoshSoylicious Lip Spa Scrub. I have been blessed with incredibly dry lips that peel and are always flaky. I've tried everything in the book and this is the only product that has saved my poor lips. Now, I don't look like I've got some sort of drug habit or weird disease and I can wear my lipstick without it leaving big chunks of lipstick stained lip flesh on my teeth.

The Silk Body Essence Sprays rock my socks because you are getting two products for the price of one. It is a moisturizing spray with glorious scent, so you can moisturize and perfume yourself all in one spray. How awesome is that?

Go to SPACASSO today and order for the holidays, or for yourself. You won't regret it. BTW, get the "Birthday Candle". It smells EXACTLY like a birthday cake. I. LOVE. IT.

Next on my list is Personal Wine. Ummmm, could this be anymore cool? You can totally make up your own label and have it slapped on a major tasty wine and send it out to your friends. They will be so jealous that you have a winery and are so successful.

Alex, the owner is amazing and he will do a great job making you the perfect wine bottle for your friends, family, co-workers, clients, etc. Go to Personal Wine today and setup your account for life. It will be worth it!

Need some sweet deals? Don't know where to get them? Tired of everyone knowing what is going on in Houston except for you? Then, perhaps you should start reading Houston On The Cheap. What a fantastic site. It gives a constant running list things to do in Houston, deals around town, events that are coming up, charity fundraisers, art shows, etc. Houston On The Cheap is the best site to read if you want something to do for the weekend, but don't want to pay a fortune to do it. My favorite time to read this site is whenever a holiday is coming up. It gives me some great ideas for events that I can enjoy with my family and it is a great way to schedule functions for you and your kids when they will be out of school. Visit Houston On The Cheap today, you won't regret it!

This is not holiday related, but I have become obsessed with the Rick Roll. Please tell me you know what it means to be Rick Roll'd? I enjoy this so much. My poor sister, Dee Anne, has been the beneficiary of the majority of my Rick Rolling, but I can't help it. Once you get started, it becomes addicting.

If you don't know what being Rick Roll'd is, please let me educate you. Rick Astley had a video, back in the 80's for his song, Never Gonna Give You Up. If you watch it today, it is so funny. Especially when the dude in the short shorts jumps up on a fence in the middle of the video for no apparent reason whatsoever. He looks like this:

So, after seeing this video, you chuckle a bit at how silly it was and how silly the 80's was. Then you start to plot and scheme. You copy the youtube link for this video, go to, enter the link you copied, and then send a message to someone that tricks them into viewing it. For instance, the other day my sister was trying to get me to watch Mad Men. So, I sent her an email titled Mad Men and the body of the email was "This is why I WON'T watch Mad Men". I knew it would stress her out enough to click on the link. She did. She saw a Rick Astley video. She got "Rick Roll'd". Get it? Yes, it is childish and stupid, but hilarious if you have a good sense of humor.

Here is the video, just to get you started. It is so darn funny:

Ok, back to some serious linkage. This is my final link, and one of my faves. Tracy Tesmer Photography. Tracy Tesmer is an amazing photographer who is one of few left in this world that works strictly with film. She is capable of digital, of course, but she believes in the beauty of actual film. I love all of her work. She is running a fabulous special right now for Christmas portraits, so if I were you, I would get in contact with her asap. Here are a few examples of her amazing work:

All these images are copyright of Tracy Tesmer and are borrowed from her website: Tracy Tesmer:

Hope you enjoyed this weeks links!! Have a great week!!


  1. Rick Astley is never gonna:
    1. give you up
    2. let you down
    3. run around
    4. desert you
    5. make you cry
    6. say goodbye
    7. tell a lie and hurt you

  2. LMAO!! That is awesome!!! How many times did you sing that in your head to get it in the right order????

  3. love it - can't wait to try the lipstuff for dry lips!!!


  4. Heehee, I do love me some Rick Astly.

    BTW, You've been tagged, since I love you.