Monday, December 14, 2009

Jay (GunsAndTacos) is my hero

EDIT: Try not to read past page four if you read the link provided below. It has gotten a little offensive.

***Pic is profile pic courtesy of GunsAndTacos on twitter***

Oh dear reader, if you haven't seen this, you are in for the time of your life. I follow a fellow blogger on twitter (username=GunsAndTacos) and he has decided to make it his mission to get fellow Houstonian and successful (I think?) rap artist Chamillionaire to follow him back on twitter. At first he would just post to Chamillionaire on twitter asking kindly for a follow back.

Chamillionaire ignored him. You do not ignore GunsAndTacos, ok? He is the reason I know about good taco trucks in the city of Houston and other random important facts such as where I can find a whole cowhead on sale for $24.95, that the Ghost Whisperer is a great show if you turn off the volume (for guys, of course) and where I can find some sweet belt buckles. Seriously, he is hilarious. You should be reading is blog if you aren't on twitter.

Because Chamillionaire chose to ignore GunsAndTacos, he wanted, no needed answers. Therefore, he had to go straight to the source. Chamillionaire's website. Take the time to read this entry on Chamillionaire's forum. Bookmark it and go back to it if you are ever in a bad mood. It is so darn funny.

How do I get Chamillionaire to follow me on Twitter?

GunsAndTacos' blog

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