Monday, May 25, 2009

Teala's Mexican Restaurant

So lets start today talking about Teala's on W. Dallas. I love Teala's. Their margaritas are delicious, and there is nothing better than soaking up the air of one of the country's most polluted cities, while sitting outside on the patio during happy hour. Not that this is Teala's fault. It would happen pretty much anywhere you go in Houston. The only drawback to Al Fresco dining at Teala's is if you get really close to the edge of the deck, you could literally hop into a passing car. Makes it kinda noises and exhausty, but if you go after 6, not a problemo.

The food is worth it in my opinon. They do a "subtle fusion" of Thai and Mexican food based on the experiences of the owners' love for the food in the Yucatan. And, what a brilliant idea that is! The owners of Teala's (also owners of Thai Spice) have taken the traditional Tex-Mex and put a different, and quite tasty spin on it. Unlike the typical chips and salsa given at Houston Tex-Mex restaurants, you will be instantly served with chips, a pico de gallo salsa and a black bean dip salsa. So good! They have a pretty good menu selection with appetizers, specialties from the chef and on the back, good 'ole Tex-Mex combination plates.

Fortunately for me, Connor, our waiter, knew all about Celiac disease and was able to work with me, the chef and my "special needs". I ended up being incredibly pleased and surprised vs leaving annoyed and hating the world, like I had fully expected to. Connor and the chef whipped up a most delicious batch of chicken fajitas (new chicken, not in the marinate because it contains soy sauce), corn tortillas and gave me lovely sides such as pico, cheese and gluten-free sour cream. I couldn't have been happier. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but to someone who is used to ordering the biggest bowl of queso available along with a cheese enchilada combo plate, and is now being reduced to eating "brown rice bread", this was HUGE. I left their smiling so big.

My date had some fantastic looking Chicken Enchiladas Verdes. His frozen margarita was beautiful, and tasty (per him) with the perfect mixture of sweet and alcohol. I had a glass of white wine that complimented my meal nicely.

Teala's would be a great spot for a night out after a long day of work, a casual date, or get together with friends. The patio is quite the hot spot so try to get their during odd hours if you want to ensure your seat outside. Otherwise you will be eating inside and that is BORING.

Go to Teala's today and eat some food for me.

***All images courtesy of Teala's website***

Teala's Mexican Restaurant3210 W Dallas St
Houston TX
Tel: (713) 520-9292
Hours of Operation:Mon-Thu: 11:00am-10:00pm
Fri: 11:00am-11:00pm
Sat: 12:00pm-11:00pm
Sun: 12:00pm-10:00pm

Thursday, May 21, 2009

For the fashion savvy

Ok, so yesterday I was all ready to go with part two of my awesome hardware store series. I had planned on bringing the little nephew with me to take some pics of the place (I have a camera now you know), but he had other ideas. Such as this:


***Fixing the lawnmower***


He is a resourceful little bugger, but he isn't very helpful with his Aunt Na Na's blog. It's ok though. He can do no wrong in my eyes.

So, since Trevor decided that hamburgers and housework were much more important, I am going to be providing this week's "links of the week". It is for all those fashion savvy ladies (and gents) out there who know how to be chic, but don't want to spend a month's salary doing so. is a website that allows you to get some sweet deals on otherwise painfully expensive items. Name brands, too. I mean, we aren't talking about those online discount sites that feature your next door neighbor's clothes from sewing class. This is the real deal. For instance, had you been cool enough to be a part of this site about 37 hours ago, you could have scored this Just Cavalli bag which was originally $433 for $139:

I'm excited because starting May 26, Heidi Klum's jewelry line is coming and you know I'm DYING for something from her awesome shamrock collection. I want those earrings she wears on Project Runway:

So, go to today and sign up for an account, otherwise you don't get to shop.

***All images for are courtesy of their website***

Have you been to Can you say "Christian Dior"? "Kate Spade"?  Had we all been privy to this earlier, we could have owned these:

For about half the price. I love shoes. And handbags. And makeup. And jewelry. And online shopping. And good deals.

But seriously, you can still get your cool on and buy these if you sign up asap: has some more sample sale auctions coming up as well, so click this link and join today:

***All images courtesy of the website***

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Niko Niko's....Introduced to me by Mom!

In honor of this special day, I thought I'd review a lovely place that was introduced to me by none other than my mother. Since I can't be with her today, Mother's Day, because I have the flu (again) I would like to pay homage to her with a post. I know that means so much more to her than me actually coming to visit.

Let me pay my respects to this wonderful woman who raised me and my two sisters, on her own, for 15 years. Heck, she is still raising me, so I guess you could make that number exponentially higher. This is the woman who would come and kill every single disgusting, flying, tck-tck-tck noise making cockroach at the very instant a grimace would cross our faces. Most likely to keep the shrieking screams away, but she still took care of them. She attended all of the football games that I performed in (ok, I was in Drill Team, deal with it), she would stay up with each of us for hours on end listening to us whine about how mean boys were, she stayed on my couch in my apartment for two weeks to take care of me after I decided to try out a "cool new procedure" for my face (laser resurfacing, don't do it) even though it went against every fiber of her being.

She still deals with my annoying ways such as messing her hair around in a big knot as soon as I see her, hugging her so long in public she gets uncomfortable, yelling out things like "would you quit following me weirdo?" when we go shopping, making fun of her huge towel she wears on her neck length hair after showering and generally being an jerk whenever we are together because she is an easy (and hilarious) target.

I truly believe my mom gave up her entire life for us and I can never thank her enough for that. She is the most amazing woman in the world and if you met her, I guarantee you would think so, too. Can you imagine trying to raise me? Let alone two others? By yourself? Lord, I cringe at the thought of it.

Anyway, Niko Niko's was a place I had long heard my mother rave about, but I didn't give it much attention. The parking always annoyed me and it seemed like too much of a hassle to deal with. "Oh, but it is sooooo worth it" my mom would say. "Yeah, whatever" I would think to myself, because I'm a brat. So, one day my I decided to go. And lo and behold, the lady was correct (as usual). This place is tasty! Now, I understand the long line that sometimes protrudes out the doorway.

Not one to be big on Greek Food, Niko Niko's has made a believer out of me. Their gyros are so delicious that my mouth actually waters just driving by the dang place. All of their dishes are cooked with love (I just know it!) and the meat is perfection. The sauces they use are authentic, they use no trans-fat (no clue if that is good or not, just threw it out there) and they have a COMBINATION PLATE! I love a good combination plate!

I also enjoy the ambiance of Niko Niko's. The hustle and bustle makes me feel like I'm in Greece at a busy little cafe with all the Greek dudes yelling back and forth to each other. Also, you can dine al fresco. Although you will be staring out at Montrose Blvd and a piercing studio rather than gazing off into gorgeous Greek Mountains, it is still totally worth it.

Some of the awesome dishes:

Go to Niko Niko's today so my mother can also say to you "told you so!".

Happy Mother's Day, mom! I love you with all my heart!!!

Niko Niko's
2520 Montrose
Houston, Texas
713-528-GYRO (4976)

Monday - Thursday 10am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 10am - 11pm
Sunday 11am - 9pm

***All images courtesy of Niko Niko's***

Friday, May 1, 2009

Most Awesome Hardware Stores....part one

I know what you are thinking. "Danelle, why do you even know about hardware stores in Houston?" That is a very fair question. I mean come on. I don't cook, I don't clean, I don't "fix" things, I'm not "crafty", I use my shoe as a hammer and my butter knife to undo screws. However, I do love to shop. For anything and everything. Shopping fulfills me and makes me know that I am a better person and that anyone I thought might be upset with me will love me because I went to the store and bought a candle. Shopping just simply makes me feel good. And that, dear reader, is why I know about hardware stores.

Ok, let me change that. I know about cool hardware stores. If all the store has in it are some screws and weird paper with sand grits on it and tape and tools, then I have no reason to be there. But, if it has all those things PLUS awesome gifts, cards, cookware, china, crystal, food and books then I so need to be there. I will be making this a three part series, simply because each place deserves their very own dedicated post and I think a little mystery is cool....

Berings is one of my beloved hardware stores. The first time I went here was with my sister (of course) and I was filled to the brim with negativity about it. The thought of going to have my oil changed was more appealing. Thank God I surrendered to my sister's amazing ability to influence me. Seriously, she could talk me into thinking the "swine flu" was a "must have" for the season which would result in me licking an infected pig's face just so I could be cool. Anyway, had it not been for her badgering (I use the term lovingly), I would have missed out on one of the coolest places IN THE WORLD.

I mean, my God, I can get a nail and a thingy-ma-jig along with this cool set of note cards embossed with my initial on it:

I can totally buy whatever this is (it looks necessary):

And also get this:

Isn't that argument enough?

You need this store in your life. If I was smart, I would have registered here for my wedding because of all the awesome china, crystal, flatware, etc. But, I didn't so let it go.

Here is the pertinent info and if you find yourself in possession of some note cards with a "D" on them and your name starts with a different letter, I will be happy to take them.

locations & hours


Westheimer Location:
6102 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77057
M-F 8am-6pm
Sat 8:30am-6pm
Sun 11am-6pm

Bissonnet Location:
3900 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77005
M-Sat 8:30am-6:30pm
Sun 11am-6pm

***all images courtesy of Berings website***