Friday, June 19, 2009

Long time and lots to talk about!

Ok, so I have been busy selling houses, I'm a Realtor you know. So, that means less time for blogging. But, since I know you have all been missing me so much, I decided to post some pics and some links and some suggestions for places to go!

First, let's get down to business. As you all know, my dear nephew, Trevor, is a handyman. I mean, he's got work to do and ain't nobody gon' stand in his way. Let's have a look-see shall we?

We just got our new weed eater and the lawn needs some help:

Baby likes to get bossy. Here he is ordering his Aunt Na Na (supposed to be Aunt Nellie) to go and mow. He gets very upset when others are just sittin' around and work needs to be done.

I call this one: "It's hard out there for a pimp"

Awwwww, time to wind down. He's such a man:

Next, lets talk about when we will do whatever it takes to make sure our "children" are healthy. My mother, God help her, has a cat (I might have given this cat to her) that has a TON of allergies, health issues, etc. Except, none of her health issues seem to be dire. They are all allergies, sinuses, etc. The lengths that my poor mother has to go to in order to keep this cat breathing normally, are quite pathetic.

Here is Nina in her nebulizer:

Ok, I mean seriously? If a cat will sit closed up in a box with steam blowing at her for 30 minutes a day, you know she is feeling horrible.

Where should we eat this week? Hmmmmm..... I have an idea. How about the most awesome Berryhill's Baja Grill on 11th St. in The Heights? So.Good. I won't lie, it tests all my patience when I go here because of my gluten allergy, but Chelsea, the world's best bartendress (we dine barside, yo) is so sweet and always helps me. I love her.

Here are a few pics from Berryhill's Baja Grill in The Heights:

Chelsea (LOVE HER!!):

Inside the restaurant:

Honestly, this location is by far the best out of all the chains. The people are awesome, the chip and salsa bar is ENDLESS, the margaritas will knock your socks off (or knock you out, whichever you prefer) and they have some tasty eats. I love the specials. The parmesan crusted fish is so darn good it makes me cry. They have delicious breakfast tacos (served all day) and all their fruit (mango, pineapple, etc. for picos) is so fresh. Go today and you will thank me later. Perhaps you will thank me by purchasing a house from me? That would be really nice. Thanks, I appreciate it. Contact me: HAR

Now, I know there are tons and tons and tons of beauty blogs out there, but I really recommend the following if you are trying to up your skills and techniques.

First, Krasey Beautiful is a blog by my bestest friend in the whole wide world (besides Lauren and Dee Anne). Adina is so good with swatches, reviews, etc. and helping with makeup application, you need to know her and read her blog. She is always on top of what is new. I learn so much by reading her blog and she updates it daily (unlike my loser self). She is in the heart of NYC, so she always has first hand knowledge of what is new and cool. I love her and I love her blog. Here is her site:
Krasey Beautiful

You should also be reading celebrity artist, Christina Farrell's site, The Makeup Blogger. She is unbiased, offers opinions on products she actually purchases (not gratis) and doesn't have any vested interest in giving something a great review just because she got free stuff. Also, she is an amazing makeup artist and you NEED to read all about her. Her site:
The Makeup Blogger

"The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself" is indeed, exactly what the title says. Karlasugar is a well known beauty blogger who will give you some good reviews and amazing swatches of products. The reason I love her and Krasey's swatches are because they are especially important if you are an online purchaser. Not all people have certain stores around them nor do they have the time to go. These ladies swatch the heck out of makeup and you can get a great idea of what will look good on you. Read Karla's blog today:
The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself

I love The Makeup Snob, not only because she is gorgeous, but because she is really helpful in showing ladies how to shop for products that do not cost a fortune. She also reviews products from lines that are more obscure. So, you can benefit from her hard research! She is so pretty and her makeup always looks so nice... Her link:
The Makeup Snob

The Beauty Chick is relatively new, and she is showing great, great promise! I love that she reviews products that I've thought about using, but just hadn't gotten around to trying yet. Her posts are always incredibly informative and she is very thorough with regard to trying out products not only in swatching, but on her face, eyes, etc. as well. Great new read:
The Beauty Chick

And, last but not least, my favorite place in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Please tell me you are visiting this site? If you like to look good, or just play with makeup and you don't belong to this site, you are severely missing out. I will continue to post this every couple of months until all of you subscribe, dangit!!!

Let's review again why this site is important:

Here is what I used to think was so fly and hip:

Here are some examples of my more "artful work" today. All because of what I have learned on

This is also my facebook avi:

Keep in mind that these of course are not "everyday looks", but there is no way l I would have been able to put those colors together or apply them correctly if it wasn't for Specktra.

Specktra's Blog
Specktra's Forum

Join, join, join!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soma Sushi

Soma Sushi is my staning go-to place for sushi.

The executive chef: Philippe Gaston has put together a delicious menu and I was fortunate enough to meet him on one of my most recent trips there. He came out to greet my sister and me because it wasn't crazy busy. We discussed my food allergies and he was so accommodating. One of the nicest and most talented Chefs I have had the pleasure to meet. He made a special dessert dish for me based on my lack of ability to eat gluten. It was so good!

We had the sweetest waiter in the whole world and I think that had he been just a couple years younger, I would have adopted him. He was so attentive and kind. He and Philippe truly made the experience a 5 star for my sister and me.

Couple more things about Soma before I post a few pics: they have valet parking, get incredibly busy on the weekends (at night) so be aware you won't have service that is as quick as it would be during slower times, they are located on the corner of Washington Ave. and Shepherd, they have a WONDERFUL wine list, and they also serve dishes for those who are not inclined to eat raw fish (Robert).

Here are some pics from my trip to Soma with my sister, Dee Anne:

Dee Anne with her fab self drinking some wine:

Dee Anne and our lovely waiter, David:

Executive Chef, Philippe Gaston:

***All pics courtesy of my camera***

Click HERE and look at the menu.

Soma Sushi
7820 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 861-2726

Hours of operation:
Mon-Wed: 11:30-10
Thurs-Fri: 11:30-11
Sat: 12-11
Sun: 12-10

Sushi Bar and Patio seating hours differ, so look at the website for your options.

Have fun and I will most likely see you there....