Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vince Vaughn broke my heart on Saturday and Beaver's rocks.

I don't even know what to say anymore. While I was busy watching Four Christmases, Vince went and got hitched. Doesn't he know that I was watching his movie? How dare he? He is now officially removed from my Hollywood crush list of men.

Here he is with his skank lovely new wife:

***Pic courtesy of Fame/Barcroft Media***

Then, I read today that a big tuna sold for $177,000 in Japan? Are you kidding me? To make that worth my while, I better be getting 17,700 meals from that one fish. Jeez.

Big Tuna:

***Pic courtesy of Yahoo***

So, Texas Monthly indicated via twitter that they want to know who their dear readers would like to see on the cover of their next issue. They have been bombarded with tweets from tons of fans of Beaver's on Washington. If you aren't following @PapaBeav, you are missing all the action on twitter.

**Logo courtesy of Beaver's website**

That being said, if you haven't been to Beaver's, then I feel very sorry for you. The food is outstanding. Ask any Houston Foodie and they will tell you that brunch, lunch or dinner at Beaver's is the place to be. Beaver's is an icehouse, but oh so much better. The focus at this eatery is on Traditional Texas Cuisine. That is a rarity here amongst the vast array of restaurants in Houston. For example, the Nacho Mamma's Oysters will make you re-think your current religious beliefs and possibly start to worship the beav. Keep in mind, eating here daily will result in the enlargement of your legs, thighs and behind, however, it just might be worth it. If you live nearby, you could just walk it off. Seriously. Or, you could buy a house from me nearby and then you would be good to go.

The bbq at this holy haven starts at 5pm. I'd make sure to stop by at least once to cash in on that. In all honesty, I'd make every effort to stop by at least once for dinner, once for lunch and once for brunch, so you can get a good sampling of what amazing food is all about. We aren't talking your typical brisket and mashed potatoes here. This man is a genius.

If you happen to be on twitter, drop a tweet to @TexasMonthly and let them know you'd like to see @PapaBeav on the cover!

Here's the schedule for Beaver's. Read a little bit about the history behind the restaurant and you'll be even more intrigued!

Tuesday & Wednesday
Lunch Menu 11 am - 3pm
Dinner Menu 3pm - 10 pm
Bar Stays Open until 11pm

Thursday & Friday
Lunch Menu 11 am - 3pm
Dinner Menu 3pm - 11pm
Bar Stays Open until Midnight

Lunch Menu 12 noon - 3pm
Dinner Menu 3pm - 11pm
Bar Stays Open until Midnight

Sunday We are OPEN for Sunday Brunch!
Brunch menu 11am - 3pm
Dinner Menu 3pm - 10 pm

Closed Mondays

Hope to see you there!! Have a great day.

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  1. You think that is good....wait til you see what he has is store for a new menu item starting this Friday.

    The "Salvatore Slammah" as captioned by Liz @married2food