Friday, May 28, 2010

Holy Good Deal - Block 7 Wine Company

Got this from my good friend, Stephanie Roman, one of the owners of Block 7 Wine Company on Shepherd.  If you haven't been yet, shame on you.  And, now you have even more reason to go.  Living Social, an internet coupon site with daily mega-deals, is giving away the following deal for this fantabulous restuarant.  However, you can only purchase it one day, and one day only-JUNE 1ST.

I reviewed this restaurant awhile back and gave it an AH-mazing, my highest rating.  Here is the review, in case you forgot or God forbid, didn't read my blog: So Many Things To Talk About

Here are the deets:

$60 to Spend on Food and Drink

It doesn’t take a master sommelier to give this deal a high rating. Spend $30 at the Block 7 Wine Company to receive $60 toward your choice of wine, sake, and a full menu of fresh and locally inspired comfort cuisine -- like the artisanal cheese plate with house-made charcuterie and accoutrement. Whether you have a cellar at home or just enjoy a glass or two at the end of a long day, Block 7 wine company will make refining your palate an enjoyable experience. Their expertly chosen small production wine list won’t leave you confused or overwhelmed. After all, the best way to learn about wine is to drink it, so bring your friends to the 35-foot tasting bar and start studying today!

Little details:
Limit 1 per person per visit
• Tax and gratuity are not included; don't forget to tip on the pre-discounted amount

Other deal conditions:
• No cash value/cash back
• Entire value must be used in one visit
• Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
LivingSocial Terms and Conditions -

Redemption locations:
720 Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX 77007



  1. The TABC is really going to be interested in this deal... since selling discount coupons for alcohol in any way is illegal - and Groupon has already figured this out and won't allow any restaurant to sell a coupon for drinks - they can only be used for food. Living Social is going to get whacked by the TABC...

  2. 1.           Hi.  Thanks for following up with me.  As a follow up, this is straight off of the TABC website.  The coupon is intended to be used in Block 7 Wine Company restaurant during the lunch or dinner and not the retail store. Thanks for checking with Block 7 Wine Company!2.           Can on-premise retailers advertise and distribute by flyer a 50% discount of choice of alcoholic beverage with the purchase of a meal?16 TAC 45.101(b) prohibits coupons or rebates for the purchase or discount of an alcoholic beverage. Further, 108.02 of the Alcoholic Beverage Code prohibits the advertisement of alcohol by flyer distributed on a public street. However, 16 TAC 45.101 (d) allows an on-premise retailer to offer a discount or complimentary alcoholic beverage as part of a meal package. However, the retailer may not require the consumer to present a coupon to receive the offer. Further, nothing prohibits the retailer from advertising such offer in a regularly published periodical such as a magazine, newspaper, or mail-out.

  3. The above comment is from Stephanie Roman, one of the owners of Block 7 Wine Company. I probably should have also mentioned that she is a licensed, practicing attorney. ;)