Friday, July 9, 2010

Shade of Hope, benefiting The Furniture Bank

Ever been sitting around, looking at your belongings and thought, "My God, I have horrible taste?".  I have.  I do it all the time.  Probably because I have a couch with a hole in it, hand me down furniture (compliments of my sister), zero art and no flair for interior design.  However, unlike many unfortunate families, I do have a couch to sit on, table to eat at, bed to sleep on and chair to relax in.

So, the next time you're sitting there eyeballing your "ugly" side table, keep in mind that there so many families out there who would feel incredibly lucky to have your cast-offs.

Shade Of Hope is an "art affair" benefiting The Furniture Bank.  Artists will display their works of art, specifically made for this function, to be sold with all proceeds going to The Furniture Bank.  Now, I can't think of a much better reason to go and buy some cool art.  Can you?

Wouldn't it feel great to know that a painting you purchased to spruce up your pad helped pay for some sheets so that a needy child could actually sleep in a bed for the first time?  I know I would!!

Come to Shade Of Hope on July 18, from 9am-2pm at The Furniture Bank and enjoy some great art, fun people, fabulous music and a most wonderful cause!!

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