Monday, November 22, 2010

Armenta Jewelry

So, I ran into a lovely young lady at a function at few months ago and she mentioned that she worked for this jewelery designer, Armenta Jewelry, based in Houston. As one who is a great lover of jewels, I felt it necessary to investigate further. I asked that she send me some information on the company.

WOW!! That's about all I can say to describe them. The woman behind the name, Emily Armenta, has a flair and passion for jewelry that is unparalleled, in my opinion. She views each piece she designs as a delicate piece of art, each inspired by something different. All of the jewelry is hand made, in Houston, in the Armenta studio.

Granted, some pieces are quite pricey, but the detail is amazing (and what good jewelery designer isn't pricey?) She does offer quite a few pieces that are under $1000, for those who are not able to whip out $15-$20K on a whim. I, of course, can only drool at all the pieces, but trust me, if I ever get a spare grand, I'm hitting up Armenta (which can be found at Tootsies, Judith Ann Jewels and Neiman Marcus). 

I thought this post would be great for someone to use as an idea for holiday presents.

Here are a few items I especially love:

Yes, please to all of these!

Keep in mind, the website is still under construction.  Here are the deets for buying some awesome baubles, should you feel it necessary to make someone in your life totally happy:

Armenta Jewelry
Can be purchased at Tootsies, Judith Ann Jewels and Neiman Marcus

**sorry for the uneven box lines around the pictures. I had to cut and paste from a pdf**


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  2. I would like to know who I can contact for a purchase of the Pointed Cross for men??? I Neiman Marcus and they have told me that discontinued this piece. Can I still order it through Armenta??? And can I get it with a 22" chain instead of the 25"??? Thanks for your time.