Monday, February 22, 2010

Chatters and Family love

So, on Monday I finally got together with one of my dear friends whom I met while selling her a house. We met for brunch at Chatter's. Now, keep in mind, I am in no way a foodie, so if you are looking for me to discuss the delicate intricacies of any meal, it won't happen here.

***logo courtesy of Chatter's website***

Have you been to Chatter's on Waugh/Heights Blvd.? I really, really like this place. I've been there plenty of times in the past, but it was nice to go again and remember just how much I love it. The best way I can describe the atmosphere and the food at this restaurant is by using the word clean. I know that sounds odd, but that's just how it makes me feel. The restaurant itself is always very clean, the linens crisp and white and the food always tastes fresh. This is a wonderful place to patronize if you have any special dietary needs because their menu accommodates almost anyone.

Open for brunch on the weekends, and lunch and dinner 7 days a week, Chatter's is really a great spot to stop in when you are shopping, catching up with a friend, on a diet, out with your honey, or pretty much anything! They even deliver! So, stop by Chatter's today and let me know your thoughts. I love, love, love their hummus, mimosa's and grilled veggie platter. Yum!

Chatter's Cafe & Bistro
140 S. Heights Blvd. (also Waugh)
Houston, TX 77007

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm

Now it's time for a little catch up on my family because I know you want to know. My gorgeous and amazingly talented niece, Taylor, had a very special Spring party (Valentine's Day party) at her elementary (my Alma mater!). How fun was that? We got to play Bingo, sit and talk with the other children at her table and her Mom and I ended up running the show because the homeroom Mom never showed up. Thank goodness we came!

It was so adorable to see all these sweet kindergartners. They are so young, innocent, adorable and most of all, loving. They don't see flaws in each other, they don't insult, they haven't started to single each other out for being different. They all just love each other and want to have fun. It kinda made me wish for those days again. I sat there smiling on Taylor and her innocence, knowing that she is going to be one of the ones that will make it in this tough world. She is a strong, smart little girl. She doesn't believe in hurting others, she has a big heart, but she is also a tough little cookie. It was really cool to see her in that setting. It calmed my constant fears (I'm a worrywart, in case you couldn't tell) about her growing up. She is gonna be just fine.

After the fun party, we got to go to the Independent School District building where artwork had been chosen from a few children at each grade level from all the schools in that district to be put on display. And, guess who was one of those chosen? Yes, you guessed it! My baby girl's beautiful flower was one of the pictures chosen to be displayed in the floral series.

Here is a picture of her gorgeous flower that she made all by herself! (keep in mind, she is only in Kindergarten):

And, here is a picture of a very tired and worn out Miss Taylor plastering on a fake grin for her Aunt Nellie's annoying blog:

As far as "fattycakes" goes, there have not been many updates other than he is almost a full grown man at the age of 2 1/2. He is killing me with his cuteness and his incessant need to sing Happy Birthday to everyone. He likes to take his play-dough and put crayons in it (candles) and sing Happy Birthday to anyone/everyone he can think of. Trevor is doing a good job of helping mommy and daddy out around the house to prepare for his little brother, due in May.

As seen here:

The thing that saddens me most about Trevor growing up is that he is being taught how to use pronouns correctly. Now, I know this is a necessity, but there is nothing cuter than a 2 year old boy coming up to you and saying "You wan sum canny cane?" Translation ~ "Can I have a piece of candy cane?" It is so adorable. "You wan a sip o coke?" "You wan pway with sum pway dough?" And, now that his parents are teaching him to speak correctly it is killing me.