Monday, April 11, 2011

Twitter - no it's not a waste of time

I have been utilizing Social Media for my Real Estate business for quite awhile now. That includes Facebook, LinkedIN, blogging and yes, Twitter.

I never have understood why there is a stigma attached to Twitter that it's a waste of time or stupid or doesn't really work.  Some of my best referrals have come from Twitter. And, some of my closest friends.

When I initially signed up for my account, I was a little hesitant. I couldn't quite grasp the concept of it. My impression was that is was just a big chat room for people who were bored. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Yes, I'm sure there are plenty of times people tweet because they are bored, need to pass the time until the work day ends, or they just simply have nothing else to do. But, this past week put into perspective just how powerful of a tool Twitter can be.

In the Houston Twitter community, people create bonds. We make friends, we hang out together, we have drama, we have love, we have hate, we have it all! But, most importantly, we unite as a city when one of our "own" is in need.

You see, we had a bit of a tragedy this past week. One of our lovely "tweeter's", Linda, was in an accident on her moped and severely injured. She was taken to Ben Taub and released a week after being admitted. Trying to locate her mother and family was proving to be a bit of a challenge for her close friends that were in the ER with her, at her bedside. If you go back and read the timeline from when it was first posted that she was in an accident, and read all the tweets from these friends reaching out via Twitter to anyone who might have information (phone numbers, emails, etc.) to get in touch with Linda's family, it is quite amazing. The entire Houston community rallied and gathered around Linda using Twitter as a means to get in touch with her mother and family within 5 hours.  Had it not been for the power of Twitter, who knows how long it would have taken?

And, that's just the beginning. Since Linda's accident, most of the Houston Twitter community (especially the foodie community) has used Twitter to rapidly spread the word and raise money to help pay for Linda's medical bills. Thousands of dollars have been raised (more than $10K!) through a silent auction, parking lot "block party", special sit down dinner, bake sale and raffle, with all proceeds going to Linda. People who hadn't even met her before came out for the benefit, just because it's what the awesome Houston Twitter community does; they go out of their way for one of their own. Especially if she is known and loved by many.

I'd like to take this time to personally thank all those that have contributed, volunteered, organized and most of all, taken care of Linda during her time of need. And, if after reading this, you still feel Twitter is useless, then we're probably better off not having you on there anyway.

Big, BIG thanks to Paul Petronella aka "PauliePetro" for donating the space for the benefit as well as all the proceeds form the Revive Italian dinner. (Paulie's Restaurant).

If you want to help, please follow TeamQue_Linda for updates on future benefits and for updates on her health.

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