Sunday, June 12, 2011

Orion Auto Service

Wow, what a heck of a few months it has been. I apologize for my absence and lack of blogging, but I've been a very busy Realtor! Now that things look like perhaps they are slowing down, I thought I'd take a second to review a place that has been on my list FOREVER.

Those that know me know that I used to own what quite possibly could be put in some type of historical register as the biggest p.o.s. automobile in the world. I had a 2003 Land Rover with massive body damage, in addition to over 100,000 miles. The doors wouldn't open (with the exception of the driver's seat, thankfully), every single light on the dashboard was on, and it was a craptastic little fiasco I had on my hands. I now have a new car, thank GOD, but during my hellish experience with said piece, my only saving grace was Orion Auto Service.

Specializing in imports, this place should be the primary example for all other auto repair shops with regard to customer service, quality of work and price. I cannot tell you how many times I had to go to this place as my piece fell apart. It was something new, almost everyday.

Marlon, the owner (I think?), and his family are the best. He would always turn off my check engine light for me (at no charge), and get my wretched auto ready for it's yearly inspections with the bare minimum of work to make it pass. Toward the end of my relationship with this heinous car, I was unable to drive it, almost daily. Marlon would always get me back on the road to selling houses, at the lowest possible cost to me. He is the first person I have ever trusted with my car, and will be the last. I never felt that he was taking advantage of my ignorance or the fact that I was a woman, which let's face it, happens often at auto shops. In addition, when I asked him what all needed to be done in order to get it back to a "normal" condition and if it would benefit me to do so, or if it would be better to buy another car, he answered "buy another car". Now, this man could have nickel and dimed me for another two years (which was my goal for keeping it) and I could have spent thousands of dollars at his business trying to do so. Instead, he gave me an honest answer, and in turn, gained me as a customer for life.

No matter what you kind of automobile you have, import or not, I highly recommend visiting Orion Auto Services, located at the corner of 16th and Yale. You will not be disappointed.

Orion Auto Service, Inc.
1542 Yale St.
Houston, TX 77008
Phone: (713) 426-2299

Here are some pics of some sweetness to keep you going until my next post, which hopefully will be sooner, rather than later:

Trevor, aka, "Fattycake, the original" in his "bouncy house" at his 4th birthday party:

Next we have little Brandon, aka, "Fattycake, the sequel" at his very 1st birthday, enjoying some cake:

Here are the two brothers together, it's adorable to see how much Brandon worships Trevor, look at the look on his sweet! (PS, I used on this pic, so that's why it's filtered so weird and looks grainy)

Finally, my original sweet baby niece, Taylor. She's all grown up now :( but the makeup freak in me is so proud to see her getting a manicure, even though she's so big it makes my cry.

That's all folks.


  1. I too recommend Orion! They are the best - I took my POS VW Beetle there. Now I only wonder if they service Hondas so I can keep going there with my new car...

  2. I think they service all cars that are foreign, so I think you're safe with the Honda. I'm so glad you liked them too. Great people and great service. Congrats on the new car!

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