Thursday, January 20, 2011

Image Cleaners - Waugh Dr,

In my 37 years on this earth, as a proud Houstonian, I have always had issues with dry cleaners. Sometimes my clothes come back wrinkled, still stained (I'm messy, ok?), faded, sometimes with a weird "funk" smell on them, and worst - sometimes I don't get them back at all.

However, I have found the dry cleaner for me. Image Cleaners on Waugh is nothing but a whole bunch of wonderful wrapped in a plastic bag and neatly hung on a wire hanger. I have been utilizing their services for about 3 years and only had 1 snafu. It was immediately remedied by the lovely, June, who by the way is part of the reason I will NEVER switch dry cleaners. She was quick to call me and fix the issue; this seems to be lacking in most other cleaners I have visited, who would rather take a "turn the other cheek" approach to anything remotely resembling a minor dispute.

Granted, I'm certain there are those out there who will disagree; if you research "dry cleaners" in Houston, you can rest assured every single place will have a negative review. Even so, I don't care. I love Image Cleaners, I love June at Image Cleaners and I love that my clothes actually look like they have been cleaned.

'Nuff said.

Image Cleaners
542 Waugh Drive 
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 529-1150

Friday, January 7, 2011

Trevor wants the "Stinky Truck"

Well my sweet baby nephew, Trevor, decided that he HAD to have the "Stinky Truck" that was in the display case at Target.  And, of course his Aunt Nellie bought it for him for Christmas.  Here he is, a few weeks before Christmas, getting all upset because "Stinky" won't get out of the display case: