Thursday, January 26, 2012

Haven Restaurant and SNL's Weekend Update

There are two things I love dearly, food and SNL's Weekend Update. Therefore, I've decided to combine both in one post!

Recently, I dined at Haven with my good friend, Catherine Couturier (owner of John Cleary Gallery). Actually, I've been there with her twice and both times were amazing. We visited Haven during lunch and I was surprised to see how affordable the menu was for what I consider to be an upscale restaurant. Chef Randy Evans has put together a delicious menu "using the freshest local ingredients...with food that reflects the flavors of the Lone Star State". I can't think of a better way to describe it! From the deviled eggs to the gulf fish, every item on the menu has been thoughtfully prepared and cooked to perfection. While you're there, stop by the bar and say "Hi" to Adrienne. She's the best and goes out of her way to make you enjoy your visit.

Shrimp Corndog:

Haven Restaurant:

Haven Restaurant
2502 Algerian Way
Houston, TX 77098
M-F 11am-10pm
Sat 5pm-11pm
Sun 11am-2pm

***Logo and images taken from Haven website***

Lastly, I adore SNL's Weekend Update and I've been meaning to post my favorite one for awhile now. I know that there is always controversy surrounding Alec Baldwin, but I don't care. I love his imitation of Tony Bennett so much. This keeps me laughing all day:

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