Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kroger carries Perfect Fit Meals and Trevor likes Arian Foster

Something fantastic has happened to our Kroger Signature stores in Houston, folks. They have started carrying Perfect Fit Meals! If you are like me and love the convenience of pre-packaged healthy meals, but hate the inconvenience of making a trip to the Perfect Fit Meals storefront and another trip to the grocery store for your produce, then you will be super excited about this. I know, the idea that I find making two trips to two different stores cumbersome totally reeks of laziness. I can't help it, I despise shopping (I do not carry the girl-shopping gene).

I have a few tips on food choices: The egg omelet? Go ahead and skip it. Not a good one. The chicken salad? So darn good. The jury is still out on the Vegetarian chili. I can't decide if I love it or hate it. The stackable enchiladas are pretty good as well. Keep in mind, it's healthy food. Please don't expect it to taste like Chuy's.

I believe, based on my conversation with one of the Perfect Fit Meals employees, that they are rolling this out to a new Kroger Signature store each week. I know it's currently at the Kroger on 11th/Shepherd in the Heights, on West Gray and on Westheimer/Voss.

Here is a picture of the Chicken Salad I love...Keep in mind, some of it is missing...oops! If you look below it, I tried to include some of the tag so you could see the nutritional info and how their meals are labelled.

And, here is a picture of it next to the Caribbean style beef filet kebobs. I haven't tried that one yet, but you get the idea. These pictures should give you an idea of portion sizes.

The cost averages out to about $7-$8 a meal. I buy them to take with me to work once or twice a week.

Now, for my favorite part of this post. I was with my sweet nephew Trevor at Chuck E Cheese a few weeks ago and I asked him who his favorite football player was and why. Thankfully, I had my camera phone turned on. He loves Arian Foster (who doesn't?), but his reasoning might be different than most. It's so cute, although I wish he'd not explained his adoration for the football player while eating a mouthful of pizza...


  1. That's awesome about Fit Foods! I think our Kroger is a Signature, so I'll definitely be looking for that. Also, Arian Foster has GOOD MANNERS!!! (Love my little guy)