Friday, July 6, 2012

Houston's best Ann Taylor store

I have always appreciated it when I receive good service. If an establishment I frequent goes above and beyond to make my visit special, then I will absolutely be a loyal customer. I can tell you that Abby Coatsworth, an employee at the Ann Taylor store on West Grey, has made me a lifetime client of hers, as well as the store. She is friendly, always impeccably dressed, helpful and a smart sales-woman.

Here is Abby at the counter, isn't she adorable?

I visited the store on a few occasions trying to find the right outfit for a charity function. Abby went the extra mile to pick out a dress for me and then locate it at another store, in another state, and have it shipped to me in time for the function. She was spot-on in her choice of dress for the event. Since then, I've become a dedicated client. Abby will pull items she thinks I'll like because my size sells out quickly. She'll hold them for me and call me to come take a look and try them on. She remembers my clothes and tries to select items that compliment my wardrobe. She understands that my schedule is crazy and I don't have a lot of time to shop, which I appreciate. She doesn't pressure me in any way to buy the items, either. I feel very at ease with her. If I don't like it, it's no big deal. She has such a great eye for fashion and is so genuinely nice that I felt compelled to write about her.

Also, this particular Ann Taylor seems to have the widest selection of items in stock. If you like great service, stop by the Ann Taylor store on West Grey and ask for Abby Coatworth. You'll be happy you did!

Ann Taylor
1987 West Grey
Houston, TX 77019

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