Monday, February 3, 2014

Chic Lash Boutique

If you wear makeup, and you are anything like me, then putting on mascara can end up being the worst part of your morning routine. I cannot count the number of times I've had a mini-mascara crisis. More often than not, I end up cleaning up a huge smear on my eyelid or trying to overcome the pain from stabbing myself in the eyeball with the wand. In addition, as I've gotten older (yes, I'm accepting it) I have noticed that my eyelashes are shorter and droop downward. Because of this, I decided to seek out an alternative solution that would make my morning routine less annoying and brighten up my eyes, as well.

I started researching eyelash extensions because I knew several women who had them, and they raved about them. In some cases, I did not care for how they looked (way too fake), but others I thought were flawless. My initial appointment was with a well known chain - one that I will not mention by name, but they are all over Houston.

When my appointment time arrived, I had a gut feeling that this was not somewhere I wanted to be, nor was it a place that I wanted to have toxic glue applied to my eyelashes. My gut was correct. They failed to put me with the girl whom I waited (for over a week) to see, and specifically requested (several times). I requested the technician that applied my friend's lashes because she did not make her look like a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race. I was very nervous about having the extensions put on, and I discussed this, in depth, with the receptionist when I booked the appointment. I left without having them applied, and I am so thankful that I did. A few weeks later that same friend had a horrible experience there (lashes glued to her lashline that caused open sores, etc.) from which she is still recovering.

After leaving, I called Chic Lash Boutique and spoke with the owner, Jennifer. Another friend has her eyebrows threaded there and raves about the place. I researched them and after finding that all of the technicians are certified, and have more experience, I decided to book my appointment. Jennifer was so sweet and was able to fit me in for a last minute application. Yes, Chic Lash is more expensive, but I will say that the peace of mind I have with knowing my eyes are in good hands is worth a few extra dollars.

My first visit was with Des. She was amazing and she made me comfortable. My concerns were with what might happen to my eyes as well as being fearful I would walk out of there looking ridiculous. She took my fears into consideration and gave me a very natural first set. Yes, it was noticeable, but not overwhelming. Now, I'm addicted to the time it has saved me, as well as how little eye makeup I have to wear. I am a member of the monthly unlimited refill plan, and Katie is my current technician (my schedule did not jive with Des's). I get so many comments about how good they look, and that they do not look fake. I have been going since November, and I've never had any eye issues. Both Katie and Des are unbelievable - I HIGHLY recommend them. However, I believe any of the girls there would do a great job.

If you are looking into lash extensions, I recommend spending the extra money and heading over to Chic Lash. Your eyes are not something on which you should skimp! Chic Lash offers a variety of services including lash extensions, eyebrow threading, and tinting services (lash and brow).

Call Jennifer to book your appointment and let her know Danelle sent you!

Chic Lash Boutique
Phone: 713.874.0114
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00-6:00pm
Address: 544 Waugh Dr. Suite A
Houston, TX 77019