Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Recommendations for new Houstonians

As a Realtor I frequently deal with transplant clients who are new to the Houston area. Inevitably I get asked for recommendations ranging anywhere from restaurants to gyms to doctor referrals. Since I am certain that I am not assisting every buyer relocating to Houston with their home search, I decided it would be beneficial to post a list of my favorite places that would be accessible to any current or future Houstonians. Some of these will be repeats and some are new gems that I have found since my last post (sadly over a year ago).

The question I am most often asked is "who is your recommended primary care physician?" That's an easy one. I swear by the Medical Clinic of Houston (The Sunset Clinic) on Sunset Blvd. in the Rice/Medical Center area. Specifically, I swear by Dr. Cynthia Williams. She is fantastic! She's been my primary care physician for years. She doesn't try to throw meds at every problem and oftentimes will recommend a holistic approach (as a suggestion - not a requirement) that solves whatever ailment I've come to discuss. She is incredibly approachable, listens to her patients, and, most importantly, on time! I highly recommend Dr. Williams or any of the physicians on staff at this facility.

Another request I typically get is for great places to eat. I'd name them all but you would probably be better off reading one of our fair city's food blogs (see below). I do like my food (queso is my kryptonite) but I would not consider myself a true "foodie." That being said, I have had great experiences at many of the wonderful culinary delights our city has to offer. I highly suggest Triniti for your more special occasions. The food is fantastic. When making a reservation, ask to sit in Michael Fulmer's section. In my opinion, he sets the bar for the service industry. My go-to choices for healthier options are both chain restaurants, but they serve me well. At least four nights a week I am entertaining clients so I have to reign it in a bit in an effort to avoid moving up four dress sizes. I typically go to Season's 52 or True Food Kitchen when I know I've hit my caloric limit and am nearing DEF CON 1 with weight gain. If you are new to the city, I would recommend that you visit these blogs to get suggestions for your dining needs:
Alison Cook - Houston Chronicle
Houston Press
Houstonia Magazine
Eater Houston

For the kids:

This is still my all-time favorite pic of my niece and nephews
We have several options to entertain your little ones, so please don't see this as an exhaustive list:
Houston Zoo
The Children's Museum of Houston
Downtown Aquarium
inSPIRE Indoor Rock Climbing
Space Center Houston
7 Acre Wood
Dewberry Farm
Moody Gardens

For the ladies:

If you're inching up there in the years and are now at the mercy of an inject-able toxin to stop your forehead from looking like a pug, might I suggest visiting Melanie Frye (Melanie Ryan) at the Bella Rosa MedSpa in the Medical Center. She makes Botox injections an art form. I've been going to her for years, and to this day she still sits down with me to discuss what I want the end result to be before she goes near my forehead (and eyes now, sadly enough).

I get lash extensions now because I'm way too lazy to deal with mascara. I didn't realize just how much of a positive effect this would have on my life. It cuts down on my morning prep time, I wear less makeup, and my eyes look bigger. One of my favorite people in this whole wide world is Katie Ashmore at the Chic Lash Boutique. She does a fantastic job and is well worth every penny. If you are considering lash extensions, do not make the mistake of going to a less expensive location. The Chic Lash technicians are all trained to put extensions on each individual lash which gives a more natural look.

Finally, The Train Station is my recommendation for those women like me who need to work out but aren't jazzed about having a full on sweat and gruntfest in front of a bunch of dudes. The Train Station offers 30 minute personal training sessions. It is a women-only facility offering partner or solo workout plans. I choose the partner plan because it gives a little price break. I've worked out with every trainer there, and they're all fantastic! Currently, I go three times a week and my trainers are Delores Palmer, Kendra Benge, and Sandy Butler. Since I've started at The Train Station I have lost 15 pounds and several inches. I'm more fit than I've ever been in my life and the ladies are fun, so it doesn't feel like a punishment! I can't speak highly enough of this gym.

I hope this little list helps. I'm sure I'll think of more! My next post topic will be about some of my favorite neighborhoods to keep an eye on.